Our Mission

It's Time To Take Up More Space Girls!

SPACE GIRLS was conceptualised and launched in miniature-scale during late 2018. 
Event founder Cindy Vogels (of fashion label ‘RACY & LUCKY’) had taken stock of her many years of involvement in the Australian Music Industry to formulate an event that made sense for her regional home-town of Gympie, Queensland. Cindy invited Jazmyn Bowman (of media brand ‘Aesthete Film and Photography’) to partner with her in this ambitious endeavour, and the two set to work immediately in the hopes to make SPACE GIRLS (the festival) a reality on a much larger scale as soon as 2019.

While Gympie is perhaps most notable for its cultural contributions of The Gympie Music Muster and The Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival, SPACE GIRLS takes up new uncharted space previously untapped by these events, creating a brand new kaleidoscope of entertainment and opportunity for our community. With a prominent focus on creating space, access and engagement for/by Women in the Arts, SPACE GIRLS is a totally groundbreaking concept for not only Gympie but regional Australia in a broader scope. 

The festival will focus on showcasing an all-female line up of musicians across all genres as well as workshops and guest speaker spots that give women hoping to enter the arts/sporting/ STEM industries direct access to women already lighting the way in those fields. Women are severely underrepresented at a professional level in each of these fields. We are staking our claim to more space here, in a proactive, healthy, optimistic way.

It will feature talent and professionals across all demographics (ages, cultural backgrounds, experience in their field of choice etc) with the view that this approach will give an unprecedented range of inclusivity and culturally-substantial experiences back to our regional community as well as to those who take the opportunity to travel for the weekend, inspiring new directions and possibility for women to go after their dreams, and in doing so, to “..TAKE UP MORE SPACE GIRLS”!